Budget Toolkit

Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Toolkit Archive

Welcome to the DC Fiscal Policy Institute’s Budget Toolkit for FY 2010. The Budget Toolkit is intended to help you make sense of the FY 2010 budget and give you resources to help you get involved. The Toolkit includes analyses of key budget and tax issues from DCFPI, links to key budget documents and the schedule of DC Council budget hearings, and tips for budget advocacy.

DCFPI Analysis of the FY 2010 Budget
This includes analyses of the District’s budget gap and proposed FY 2010 budget, FY 2010 budget summaries by issue area, a listing of DC’s biggest agencies, DCFPI testimony about the budget, and past budget toolkits.
Budget Process and Timeline
This section includes information on the timeline for the FY 2010 budget, the schedule of DC Council hearings, a schedule of agency budget briefings for the public, and general background on the budget process.
Key Budget Documents and Websites
This section includes links to key budget documents such as the Mayor’s FY 2010 proposed budget, the FY 2010 Budget Support Act, revenue forecasts, DC Council Committee Budget Reports, agency Performance Plans and Reports, and other supplemental budget information.
Getting Involved in the Budget Process
Advocacy is an important part of the budget process and can help you and your organization make the case for changes you would like to see made to the budget. This section includes tips on advocacy and provides links and guides to the DC Council’s performance and budget oversight hearings.
DCFPI’s Budget Spreadsheet
This downloadable Excel spreadsheet includes information on local funding for all DC agencies from FY 2004 to FY 2010.

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