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Fiscal Year 2025 Budget 

Each fiscal year, the mayor and DC Council decide how to raise and allocate the District’s resources through the budget, with input from residents about what is important to them.  

Even while reversing many of Mayor Bowser’s proposed cuts, the DC Council gave initial approval to a fiscal year (FY) 2025 budget that leaves major holes in the District’s safety net, particularly in the areas of housing and ending homelessness. Read more: DC Council Makes Progress but Fails to Raise Adequate Revenue for Critical Programs at First Budget Vote.

To restore funding to programs that the mayor slashed in her budget proposal, DC Council approved a number of revenue raisers, including a very modest increase to the property tax rate on homes with a taxable assessed value over $2.5 million. Even with Council’s progress toward bridging the gap between DC’s revenues and residents’ needs, the current budget stands to exacerbate the housing crisis, which will destabilize the nearly 150,000 residents in DC living on low incomes and dampen the strength of the local economy. Councilmembers can and should do more to equitably raise needed funds, keep promises to residents, and fortify District revenue into the future. 

Priorities for the Revised FY 2024 Budget and FY 2025 Budget

The District made progress towards tackling poverty in 2022 thanks to federal and local public investments in residents, underscoring that deeper, intentional investments can disrupt longstanding racial and economic inequity created over time through discriminatory policy and practice. DC leaders can’t pull back on those investments now. Read more: The DC Fiscal Policy Institute’s priorities for the revised FY 2024 budget and FY 2025 budget.

Budget Oversight Testimony

After the mayor’s budget is released, each Council committee holds budget oversight hearings on the portion of the budget the committee oversees where agency officials and the public are invited to testify. Below are the testimonies submitted by DCFPI staff to DC Council on the revised FY 2024 and FY 2025 budget:

Budget Timeline

DC’s fiscal year begins October 1 and ends September 30. In the spring, the Mayor presents a budget to the Council, which then reviews, changes, and approves it before it is sent back to the Mayor to sign into law and submitted to the US Congress, which can choose to modify or reject it.


Resident’s Guide to the Budget

This guide breaks down the process of how DC creates its budget, including how to read budget documents and where in the process residents can influence the decisions of elected officials. Read it here. 

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