Vision & Mission

For 20 years, the DC Fiscal Policy Institute (DCFPI) has been a trusted source of data and analysis on tax and budget issues and programs that support economically struggling families and communities. In the DC area – where white households hold 81 times the wealth of Black households – years of discriminatory policy and practice have created stark racial and economic inequalities. Recognizing the central role that racism has played in shaping policies, systems, and outcomes, DCFPI’s organizational vision and mission place racial equity and justice at the center of our work.

Our Vision

We envision a District of shared abundance and collective liberation where everyone has the nurture, sustenance, and safety every person inherently deserves. We strive for a future that roots out anti-Blackness, enables Black and brown residents to live to their fullest, ends displacement, and repairs centuries of racist harm built into our systems. 

Our Mission

DC Fiscal Policy Institute shapes racially-just tax, budget, and policy decisions by centering Black and brown communities in our research and analysis, community partnerships, and advocacy efforts to advance an antiracist, equitable future. 

Aspiring to What Can Be Built, Not Just What Can Be Ended

DCFPI seeks to not only dismantle the racist policies and systems that hold us all back, but to build a future in which every person, no matter their race or ethnicity, has what they need to live to their fullest. DCFPI has identified three guiding themes to drive its work:

  • Repair Harms that Perpetuate Inequity: We do this by addressing policies that stifle the economic, social, and political power of Black and brown residents and advocating to redistribute District resources toward the people historically excluded from sharing in the fruits of their labor.
  • Build Strong Foundations of Equity: We work to fortify programs that protect the most vulnerable and establish guarantees for a liberation economy.
  • Realize a Future of Shared Abundance: We champion raising revenue to support racial justice and innovate toward equity.

Under these areas of work, DCFPI policy experts are pursuing bold, transformative change across six issue areas:

When we identify, advocate for, and win policy solutions that intentionally lift up and protect DC’s Black and brown communities, everyone will benefit. 


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