Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We envision a city of shared abundance and collective liberation where everyone has the nurture, sustenance, and safety every person inherently deserves. We strive for a future that roots out anti-Blackness, enables Black and brown residents to live to their fullest, ends displacement, and repairs centuries of racist harm built into our systems. 

Our Mission

DC Fiscal Policy Institute shapes racially-just tax, budget, and policy decisions by centering Black and brown communities in our research and analysis, community partnerships, and advocacy efforts to advance an antiracist, equitable future. 

How We Work

The DC Fiscal Policy Institute (DCFPI) conducts timely and foundational research and analysis for an equitable tax, budget, and policy agenda that centers those most harmed by racial and economic exclusion. We do this to expand collective understanding of how oppressive structures shape past and present inequities and to create a strong evidence base for rejecting racialized austerity politics and embracing policies rooted in shared abundance.

DCFPI strategically communicates with and educates decision makers, partners, and the public to increase salience, resonance, and prioritization of policies that advance racial and economic justice among partners and policy makers.

DCFPI commits our analytic, legislative, and strategic skills and capacities to support partners and build collaborative campaigns for strategic alliances. We do this to ensure more unified and powerful voices advocating for collective vision and goals that are responsive to the experiences of residents facing racial and economic oppression.

Our Areas of Research