Mission & Values

Our Mission

The DC Fiscal Policy Institute promotes opportunity and widespread prosperity for all residents of the District of Columbia through thoughtful policy solutions.

DCFPI influences DC budget and policy decisions to reduce poverty and income inequality and to give residents the opportunity for a secure economic future. We accomplish this through research and analysis, direct engagement with policymakers, and strategic partnerships with other organizations and individuals.

Essential to accomplishing our mission, DCFPI also furthers ways to make DC public services more effective and to ensure the workings of DC government are open and accountable to the public.

Our Vision

We envision the District of Columbia as a community with a diverse range of incomes, where all residents have the tools they need to build a secure future for themselves and their families, and where government promotes widespread opportunity.

Advocating for a Better DC for All

The DC Fiscal Policy Institute (DCFPI) works every day to bring the District closer to being the city we all know it can be—a place that provides opportunity for all residents to flourish.

We have a proven track record of successfully advocating for the fundamentals that everyone in our city deserves. Whether it’s testifying before the DC Council, bringing diverse advocacy groups together, or conducting thorough, independent research, we work to tell the story of what’s really happening in DC’s economy. We pinpoint how the lives of real DC residents are affected. And we hold DC’s government accountable for its decisions and actions.

Our research doesn’t just report on the data—it shapes what happens. We’re a vital resource for other nonprofits, who use our work to further their increasingly important missions. We’re frequently cited in the media—helping to make sure that concerned DC citizens know what’s happening, and have the knowledge they need to make a difference of their own. And we’re trusted and respected by DC policymakers, so that our proposals become reality to make a meaningful difference in the lives of DC residents across the city.

Our Areas of Research