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Paid Leave Would Help DC Families

A proposal to establish paid family leave insurance in the District would help DC residents remain financially stable, by replacing some or all of their wages when workers take time off to be with a new child or to deal with an illness. This would be […]

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DC’s $75 Million Problem

DC risks having to cut $75 million in services a year from now. At first glance, recent reports from the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) suggest that there will be enough money to maintain services in 2017, but that’s only because the spending projections […]

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TANF Proposal Would Help Families and Children Succeed

Last week, six Councilmembers introduced legislation aimed to ensure that DC’s welfare program — Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) — protects children from hardship and helps their parents succeed. The bill reforms DC’s […]

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