Putting DC to Work: A Resource Map of the District’s Workforce Development Dollars

Preparing residents for jobs and careers is one of the key ways the District of Columbia can shape its future. Effectively using resources to helpDC residents learn new job skills, sharpen existing ones and match them with employers is critical not only to economic development but to reducing unemployment , lifting families out of poverty and lessening the income inequality gap.

DC has more than 30 programs across a dozen city agencies that help prepare residents for work and assist them in job searches and placements. DCFPI’s new “resource map” offers a snapshot of the city’s investment in workforce development over the course of one fiscal year. It shows what the District spends on workforce development, what services are offered, and who is served. Accompanying pages provide a more granular look at each agency that is part of the city’s workforce development efforts, and–where information was available–offer more detail on the vendors and partner organizations that provide services.

The resource map can be found here.