New Census Data Do Not Give a Clear Picture of What Happened to Poverty in DC: Leading Indicators Point to a Likely Increase in Poverty in DC in 2010

Data released today from the Census Bureau reveal that poverty continued to rise in the U.S in 2010 and that income for the typical household continued to fall, as the ongoing effects of the recession continue to grip the nation.  The new data do not provide a clear picture of what happened to poverty in DC in 2010, due to limitations in the data at the state level; more detailed and reliable data for states will be released by the Census Bureau on September 22.  However, changes in other leading indicators, particularly food stamp participation and employment levels, point to a likely increase in the number of DC residents living in poverty in 2010.

In addition, the data also provide a preliminary look at what happened to health insurance coverage in DC in recent years and poverty in the District over the last decade.  The data show that the number of DC residents lacking health insurance increased dramatically as the number covered by employer-sponsored plans dropped significantly.  It shows that after falling from a high in 2005-2006, poverty in the District is beginning to climb back up is approaching decade-high levels.

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