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Revenue: Where DC Gets Its Money

Revenue: Where DC Gets Its Money, details how and where the District gets its revenue to pay for everything from library books, to teacher salaries, to health care for lower-income residents. Our new and improved revenue primer also compares key DC taxes to those levied in surrounding Maryland and Virginia suburbs. Along with our recently […]

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DC Homeowners Pay the Lowest Property Taxes in the Region

Homeowners in the District have the lowest property taxes in comparison to its four adjacent counties: Fairfax, Arlington, Montgomery, and Prince George’s Counties. While middle- and high-income DC residents typically own homes that are worth more than homeowners in most of the suburban jurisdictions, tax bills in the District are far lower, often by more […]

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Avoiding The Marriage Penalty: The District’s Rate Structure May Do More Harm Than Good

Most state income tax systems — and the federal income tax system — apply their tax rates differently to different family types. This is done in part to avoid a “marriage penalty” that could lead to higher taxes on a married couple than they would have paid as two single filers. The most common way […]

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Policy Basics
— DC Earned Income Tax Credit (ETIC)

DC Homeowner and Renter Property Tax Credit (Schedule H)