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DC Homeowners Pay the Lowest Property Taxes in the Region

Homeowners in the District have the lowest property taxes in comparison to its four adjacent counties: Fairfax, Arlington, Montgomery, and Prince George’s Counties. While middle- and high-income DC residents typically own homes that are worth more than homeowners in most of the suburban jurisdictions, tax bills in the District are far lower, often by more […]

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Avoiding The Marriage Penalty: The District’s Rate Structure May Do More Harm Than Good

Most state income tax systems — and the federal income tax system — apply their tax rates differently to different family types. This is done in part to avoid a “marriage penalty” that could lead to higher taxes on a married couple than they would have paid as two single filers. The most common way […]

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Increasing the District’s Personal Exemption and Standard Deduction Would Help Provide Greater Tax Relief to Low- and Moderate-Income DC Residents

The District’s personal exemption and standard deduction are parts of the DC income tax that are available to all residents, but they provide the greatest benefits to families and individuals with low-and-moderate incomes. Despite the importance of these tax provisions, the DC deductions are far lower than the federal personal exemption and standard deductions and […]

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 The District’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), based on the federal EITC, increases the takehome pay for low-income working residents by boosting their incomes and reducing their income tax liability. Twenty six states, including DC, offer a state-level credit.–DC Earned Income Tax Credit (ETIC) DC Homeowners Pay the Lowest Property Taxes in the Region (District’s Dime) 

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