DC Leaders: Don’t Govern with Your Hands Tied!

It’s time to pause restrictive fiscal policies limiting DC’s response to important needs. Our sign on letter of over 60 organizations urges elected officials to untie DC’s hands and create the fiscal flexibility the District needs to meet unprecedented, urgent needs. See the sign on letter here: Untie DC’s Hands Sign-on Winter/ Spring 2017 Want to join the […]

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The District's Dime

February 23rd, 2017
Another Victim of Federal Medicaid Cuts: DC Schools
Jodi Kwarciany

New federal proposals to fundamentally alter Medicaid could slash school budgets and hurt vulnerable students. Caps on Medicaid, such as block grants, would squeeze resources that schools use to provide health screenings, mental health services, and special education services. When children are healthy, they’re better able to succeed. For low-income students and those with significant […]

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