Triple Whammy: A Regional Sales Tax for Metro, Like Fare Hikes and Service Cuts, Would Fall Hardest on Struggling Families

 A joint report from DC Fiscal Policy Institute, Maryland Center on Economic Policy, and The Commonwealth Institute. A strong Metro system is important to all of us in the Washington region. It is fundamental to a healthy economy and our area’s good quality of life, by helping workers get to their jobs, supporting our tourism […]

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The District's Dime

September 19th, 2017
Inclusionary Zoning Will Only Get Better Thanks to Administrative Fixes
Claire Zippel

There’s more good news about DC’s inclusionary zoning program. New regulations proposed by the Department of Housing and Community Development, which oversees the program, will help this affordable housing tool work more smoothly for low-income residents and building owners alike. The regulations will substantially improve the administrative process, marking one more step toward ensuring DC’s […]

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