Unpredictable, Unsustainable: The Impact of Employers’ Scheduling Practices in DC

The push to boost corporate profits and keep labor costs low has led many companies to adopt scheduling practices that often result in erratic and unpredictable hours for the women and men who work for them. New data reveals the prevalence of such “just-in-time” scheduling in Washington, DC’s service sector. In line with previous research, […]

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The District's Dime

June 29th, 2015
DCFPI Welcomes Claire Zippel to Our Team!
Ed Lazere

A new staff member, Claire Zippel, is joining the DC Fiscal Policy Institute team today! She will serve as DCFPI’s Housing Policy Associate. Claire recently earned a Master’s in Public Policy from Georgetown University. Previously, Claire worked on DC’s housing affordability crisis, inclusionary zoning, and temporary rentals of income-restricted units as a policy fellow at […]

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