Bursting the Bubble: The Challenges of Working and Living in the National Capital Region

Living in the national capital region looks like it has its advantages. Employment levels are back to where they were before the recession. The unemployment rate is far lower than that of the country as a whole. Incomes are high, especially for highly educated workers. From outside this bubble, things look pretty good. However, the bubble obscures a […]

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The District's Dime

August 28th, 2014
Tech and Taxes: Why Tax Incentives Are A Bad Strategy to Boost Investment
Wes Rivers

Strengthening DC’s emerging technology community has become an issue on the DC campaign trail, which is important because high-tech companies could be a major vehicle for future economic growth. Unfortunately, the discussion has turned to the idea of tax cuts for wealthy tech investors, which are unlikely to do much to promote the tech sector. […]

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