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Press Release: Mayor Williams Promotes Tax Relief for Working Residents

Wednesday, February 2, 2005
Contact: Idara Nickelson, 202-408-1080

(Washington, DC) Today Mayor Anthony Williams encouraged working residents to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) when filing their 2004 DC and federal income tax returns. The EITC is a policy priority for the Williams’ administration and primary focus of a public education campaign promoting substantial tax credits and free tax assistance available to working DC residents.

The District government has partnered with local non-profits, business, and religious organizations to coordinate the city’s outreach effort. The DC EITC Campaign produces and distributes posters and fliers city-wide, including libraries, recreation and employment centers, local service organizations and private businesses. The Campaign also has run a number of public service announcements on television and in Metro.

“This filing season we are working with a number of local organizations to spread the word about various tax benefits available to citizens, such as the refundable Earned Income Tax Credit. Use of this credit can be a win-win situation for taxpayers and the city,” said Daniel L. Black, Jr., Deputy CFO for the Office of Tax and Revenue.

Working families with children can receive over $5,000 from both the federal and DC EITCs. Even working individuals with no children can qualify for a small credit. Roughly 57,000 residents are eligible for the EITC. However, as many as 10,000 fail to claim the DC EITC (but claim the federal EITC) and another 6,000 fail to claim either the federal or DC credit.

“The EITC not only boosts the incomes of low-income working residents, it also infuses nearly $100 million of federal and local dollars into low-income DC neighborhoods.  It serves as both an anti-poverty and economic development tool,” said Idara Nickelson of the DC EITC Campaign.

The DC EITC Campaign is committed to helping DC residents keep all of their tax refunds by linking families and individuals to free tax preparers. Taxpayers can avoid costly tax preparation fees and refund loans by getting assistance from a free tax preparation site. For a list of locations offering free tax assistance in the DC area and information on the EITC and other important tax credits, please visit

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