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Kudos to DC Council for Finding a Way to Use Events DC Surplus For Public Housing Repairs, As They Intended

In its final action on the DC budget for fiscal year (FY) 2020, the DC Council identified a legislative mechanism to use $48 million in surplus funds from Events DC, half of which will go to public housing repairs. This solution, which overcomes the DC Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO) earlier rejection of the Council’s plan, will ensure that the District can start working on critical public housing repairs, according to the DC Fiscal Policy Institute. It also affirms the role of the DC Council—not the CFO—to decide how to spend available resources.

“We commend the Council for standing up to the CFO’s attempted overreach and for keeping its commitment to repair DC’s public housing” said Kamolika Das, Policy Analyst at the DC Fiscal Policy Institute. “The Council’s creative solution means DC can use its growing prosperity to ensure that fewer residents have to suffer negative health and safety outcomes from living in dilapidated public housing.”