Momentum for Change

Banner for 2023 fund campaign Momentum For Change with photo of mother and two children

Momentum for Change

As longstanding inequities continue to stifle the economic, social, and political power of the District’s Black and brown residents, the DC Fiscal Policy Institute (DCFPI) is working with community partners, policymakers, and other advocates to advance an antiracist, equitable future. Before us stands a great opportunity to foster change that creates healthy, thriving communities where everyone has the nurture, sustenance, and safety every person inherently deserves.

Through the Momentum for Change 2023 fundraising campaign, DCFPI strives to raise $200,000 to power our new multi-year strategic plan and strengthen DCFPI’s capacity to work with District leaders in reimagining what’s possible and creating the conditions under which people and communities experience care, feel belonging, and can reach their full potential.

Policy as a Tool for Change

DCFPI leverages the power of progressive policy to support the economic liberation of Black and brown people in the District.

By becoming more responsive to the experiences of residents facing racial and economic oppression, DCFPI’s new strategic direction strengthens our critical role as a trusted source of research, analysis, and policy development to advance necessary change. We aim to root out anti-Blackness, promote economic mobility, and repair racist harms that set the conditions for consistently poorer economic and health outcomes for Black and brown communities.

A Bold Agenda to Power Change

DCFPI aims to leverage its deep policy and analytic strengths in partnership with community-rooted groups in pursuit of our bold multi-year agenda that powers change. Our ambitious and worthy goals include but are not limited to:

  • Charting an anti-displacement agenda and ramping up housing investments needed to stabilize families and end chronic homelessness in DC.
  • Establishing a job guarantee that addresses astronomical unemployment for young Black workers in DC.
  • Creating and expanding policies that guarantee income for individuals and families most sidelined by racism and economic exclusion.
  • Creating a fully equitable tax code that raises revenue based upon the ability to pay and redistributes resources to impacted communities.
  • Reforming DC’s system of criminal legal fees and fines that disproportionately extract resources from Black and brown residents with low incomes.
  • Building a reparative cannabis industry that offers affected residents and returning citizens full access to entry as employees and owners.
  • Investing in Black wealth by improving and expanding baby bonds and Black homeownership and reducing Black debt.
  • Strengthening neighborhood schools by ensuring equitable funding that fully resources and stabilizes schools in Wards 5, 7, and 8.

Allyship That Fuels Change

Join Momentum for Change 2023 to strengthen DCFPI’s capacity to drive change. All allies will receive:

  • Access to invite-only events
  • Special opportunities to engage with DCFPI’s team and work
  • Listed in digital and print campaign materials.
  • Opportunities to engage with a network of local advocates, subject matter experts, and change leaders
  • Special access to discounted DCFPI merchandise
  • Special sponsorship and support opportunities

Join Momentum for Change 2023 by making a gift. To learn more about Momentum for Change 2023 or DCFPI’s multi-year strategic plan, contact Todd Gray, Director of Institutional Advancement, at