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How a Cashless Society Would Harm the Poor

By the end of the century, it’s likely that huge swaths of the global economy will be cashless. It’s already beginning to happen. The Department of Motor Vehicles in Louisiana ditched cash last year. Boston’s transit agency plans to phase out the […]

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District Of Columbia Slashes Estate Tax

At what level should an individual’s estate be taxed? $1 million? $2 million? $5 million? Back in 2014, the District of Columbia passed a major tax reform deal that included increasing its estate tax exemption amount from its then-$1 million level, once […]

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Advocates To Bowser: Spend On Homeless, Not Tax Cuts

Dozens of social justice organizations are asking D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to reverse $100 million worth of planned tax cuts and instead spend the money on affordable housing, addressing the city’s homelessness problem and Metro.

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