Action Alert:Tell Mayor Bowser to Implement Solutions to DC’s Critical Affordable Housing Shortage

The disappearance of truly affordable housing is hurting our entire city. We need to take bold steps so that long-term residents can stay in their communities, and so that no one has to live without the dignity of a home. We don’t have time to wait.

Addressing DC’s affordable housing challenges is key to maintaining the District’s greatest strengths—our history as a diverse community. Black residents—historically shut out of homeownership opportunities and denied access to good jobs—bear the brunt of DC’s rising rents. Nine out of 10 households with the most serious housing needs are residents of color.

Our progress on affordable housing is falling short. In the last 4 years, DC’s affordable housing investments reached just 10 percent of the families with the worst affordable housing problems. At that pace, it will take 40 years to help everyone who needs help today.

Tell Mayor Bowser to use her 2020 budget to put DC on a path to ensuring all residents have a safe and affordable home:

  • Double the city’s investment to build and preserve 1,300 units of affordable housing ($200 million)
  • Provide rental assistance to help 2,000 extremely low-income households ($40 million)
  • Put DC on a path to end chronic homelessness over the next four years, by housing 1,320 households in 2020 ($36 million)

Stable housing is the foundation of strong families and communities. Act now to urge the Mayor to put the District on a path to safe and affordable homes for all DC residents.