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Two Paths to Better Jobs for DC Residents: Improved Training and Stronger Job Protections

Summary The growing job challenges of DC residents without a college education – including falling wages, stubbornly high unemployment, and an economy where job growth is concentrated in industries requiring advanced education and skills – highlight the urgency of helping more residents get better jobs. The District can tackle this challenge by implementing bold reforms […]

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Making a Good Jobs Program Even Better: How to Strengthen DC’s Project Empowerment

Introduction and Summary Project Empowerment – a DC program that places unemployed residents in jobs and pays their wages for up to six months – should be re-designed to more effectively help residents keep those jobs when the subsidy ends. While Project Empowerment has features that have proven effective, and its results are about average […]

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Preparing residents for jobs and careers is one of the key ways the District of Columbia can shape its future. The District has more than 30 programs and services across a dozen city agencies that help prepare residents for work and assist them in job searches and placements. Some serve residents with varied skills and backgrounds, while others are targeted at specific groups, such as youth or residents with disabilities. The resource map below offers a snapshot of the city’s investment in workforce development over the course of one fiscal year, FY 2010.–A Resource Map of the District’s Workforce Development Dollars

There is little doubt that the District’s leaders, especially Mayor Gray, are serious about helping residents get jobs, with an array of new initiatives that include a workforce intermediary and an independent community college.  Yet the District’s largest workforce service – its network of “one-stop career centers” – is not living up to its potential.  In this policy brief, we call on the District to strengthen these one-stop centers as the next step in reforming workforce development.

Strengthening D.C.’s One-Stop Centers: The Next Step in Reforming Workforce Development in the District of Columbia


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