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Going, Going, Gone: DC’s Vanishing Affordable Housing

Rapidly rising housing costs led to a substantial loss of low-cost rental housing in the District over the last decade, yet there was little growth in wages for many residents, which means that rent is increasingly eating away at household budgets. As the District’s high cost of living continues to outpace incomes, more and more […]

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Helping Families Home Roadmap: A Report Card on DC’s Progress in Helping Homeless Families

The District has made improvements to services for homeless families in response to the crisis that occurred last winter, but progress has been uneven and large gaps remain. In April 2014, twenty-five organizations released a community plan – Helping Families Home: A Roadmap for the District – outlining their recommendations on what DC should do immediately to start […]

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Helping Families Home: A Roadmap for the District

A high-quality family homelessness system should provide year-round access to decent shelter when it is needed, and sufficient case management and services to help families quickly move from shelter to a safe and stable home. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened for the past several years in DC. Families have been able to enter shelter only when […]

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DC’s First Right Purchase Program Helps to Preserve Affordable Housing and Is One of DC’s Key Anti-Displacement Tools

Introduction DC’s First Right Purchase Program (also commonly known as “tenant purchase”) has helped to preserve nearly 1,400 units of affordable housing over the past decade and is one of the District’s key tools to help residents stay in their homes as housing costs rise around them. The program provides low-interest loans to tenant groups […]

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Disappearing Act: Affordable Housing in DC is Vanishing Amid Sharply Rising Housing Costs

Introduction Over the last decade, DC has experienced a rapid rise in housing costs that has contributed to a substantial loss of low-cost housing stock.  Since 2000, the number of low-cost rental units in the city has fallen by half, due primarily to rising prices, and the number of lower-value homes fell by nearly three […]

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Of Interest                              

The District has a variety of affordable housing tools, each serving a specific purpose and each critical to make housing available all along the continuum of affordable housing needs — from homelessness to homeownership — for DC’s low- and moderate-income residents.  Many of these tools have been developed or revived over the past decade and were endorsed by DC’s 2006 Comprehensive Housing Strategy Task Force, which issued a fifteen-year blueprint to create and preserve more affordable housing in the District. 

DC Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

DC Local Rent Supplement Program (LSRP)

DC Housing Production Trust Fund (HPTF)


This DC Affordable Housing Program is a Bargain: So Why is it Underfunded? (Washington City Paper)

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How Should DC Target the $100 million Investment in Affordable Housing? (District’s Dime)