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A Look At DC Public Charter School Finances: Revenue And Spending Per Student

Charter schools serve over 44 percent of all public school students in the District and are funded with over $600 million in local resources. Understanding how the charter school sector spends these resources on a school level is critical for DC government and the public to conduct adequate financial oversight. The DC Public Charter School […]

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Unlocking Opportunities: Services That Help Poor Children Succeed In the Classroom

DCFPI has launched a series of issue briefs on the role our public schools can play in delivering key services – beyond classroom instruction – to help children living in poverty. The series takes a look at the non-classroom services and supports already being provided for children in high-poverty schools, and how the District could more strategically […]

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Public education from pre-k through grade 12 in the District of Columbia is offered through two systems: DC Public Schools and DC public charter schools. Both receive basic funding based on student enrollment, but the systems differ in how money flows to individual schools and how much autonomy each school has in spending decisions.DC’s public school system is funded through a number of revenue sources, including local, federal, and private funding streams. These schools get most of their resources from local funds, with the amount determined by the Uniform Per Student Funding Formula (UPSFF) and enrollment levels. This formula is used to set the total local funding allocated to DC Public Schools and to each public charter school LEA, which can be an individual school or a cluster of schools if the charter school has more than one campus.In FY 2014, some $1.3 billion in local dollars were allocated through the UPSFF to DCPS and public charter schools.For more information, see: DC School Finance Primer.    Handouts:

“At-Risk” Funding For High-Poverty Schools fact sheet

DC Public Schools FY 2017 Budget Development Timeline