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All Publications & Resources


Tell the Mayor What YOU Want to See in the Budget, at a Budget Engagement Forum


‘Mansion Taxes’ Can Advance Opportunity for DC’s Residents


From Principals to Pencils: How DC School Budget Is Set and How You Can Get Involved

In The News

Events: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Speak Up at DC’s Budget and Performance Oversight Hearings!


The Federal Shutdown Should Reignite Discussion about Tapping DC’s Reserves

Press Release

DC Should Use Surplus to Help DC Residents and Stabilize Economy


Testimony of Ed Lazere At the Joint Public Oversight Roundtable on At-Risk Transparency


We Need a Budget that Invests in the Building Blocks for a Thriving DC

Fact Sheets

Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Priorities


Homelessness: Prevent and End Homelessness, and Improve Conditions for Residents Experiencing Homelessness

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