What the DC Budget Means for You: DCFPI’s Updated Toolkit Tells it All in Pictures, Numbers, and Words

With the DC Council’s approval of the budget for the fiscal year starting October 1, DCFPI wants to make sure our readers know where to find tools to help you understand what the new spending plan means for schools, housing, homeless services, and other areas important to the District’s economic well-being and quality of life.

The DCFPI Budget Toolkit includes an updated Budget Chartbook that boils down the key elements of the new budget into 16 easy-to-understand slides. It also features sections that break down information on the DC budget process to help you be an even more effective advocate.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Toolkit:

  • How the Budget Stacks Up:  Our analysis gives you detailed looks at the approved budgets for housing, homeless services, TANF, health, education, workforce development, and taxes. One of the big issues we highlight are the large investments in housing and homeless services, including $100 million for the Housing Production Trust Fund, investments in Local Rent Supplement Program, and full funding for the Strategic Plan to end chronic homelessness.
  • Key Budget Trends:  DCFPI’s Chartbook highlights of key budget trends through 16 graphics, ideal for making presentations to community groups.
  • The Budget Made Simple:  A timeline on the budget process and primers that explain how the city sets its budget, the revenue structure, and how schools are financed.
  • Important Events and Documents:  If you want to find the final Budget Request Act, the draft Budget Support Act, or any other budget materials, they are all in the Toolkit.

One important note: We will release the final version of the Tax and Revenue toolkit after the final vote on the Budget Support Act and the June revenue forecast — as those two events could trigger tax reductions.


You can check out DCFPI’s updated Budget Toolkit here!

To print a copy of today’s blog, click here.

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