The Snowy Week Ahead….

Like the U.S. Postal Service, neither rain nor snow, heat nor gloom of night, Snowpocalypse nor Snowmaggedon, DCFPI always has our eye on the DC budget…..

Here’s what we’re looking at the snowy week of February 8 to 12

Monday, Feb. 8
“¢ 10 am: Roundtable on United Medical Center (Canceled Due To Weather),
Room 500

Thursday, Feb. 11
“¢10am: Hearing on B18-572, “Disposition of Property Formerly Designated as Federal Reservations 129, 130 and 299 Approval Act of 2009″
Committee on the Environment and Government Operations, Room 412

This bill will approve the disposition of real property owned by the District of Columbia and formerly designated as federal reservations 129, 130, and 299 to 1333 M Street, SE, LLC.

“¢2 pm: Hearing on three bills in the Committee on Economic Development

B18-050, “Mixed-Income Housing Amendment Act of 2009″
This bill would amend an Act authorizing the sale of certain real estate in the District of Columbia no longer required for public purposes to provide for an affordable housing requirement as part of the disposition of certain real property; and to amend the Office of Property Management Establishment Act of 1998 to require the Office of Property Management to secure an affordable housing requirement as part of certain disposition of real property.

B18-250, “Senior Housing Modernization Grant Fund Act of 2009″
This bill would establish a Senior Citizens Housing Modernization Grant Fund and to authorize the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development to make grants from the Fund to qualified senior citizens who reside in an area affected by a planned unit development for repairs and improvements to their single family dwellings.

B18-399, “Pennsylvania Avenue-Minnesota Avenue SE Eminent Domain Authorization Act of 2009″
This bill would authorize the Mayor to exercise eminent domain authority to acquire property in the area of the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Minnesota Avenue, S.E.

According to the bill: “¦.The Pennsylvania Avenue-Minnesota Avenue S.E. Intersection Area is afflicted with buildings and improvements that are obsolete, dilapidated, and deteriorated to the point of being nuisances to the community, which also contribute to juvenile delinquency, poverty, and crime and have impeded the provision or expansion of safe,sanitary neighborhoods with thriving local businesses”¦.