On March 8th, Help Make Chronic Homelessness History

At the March to Make Chronic Homelessness History next Thursday, DCFPI and other members of The Way Home campaign will be asking the Mayor to prioritize the needs of people most at risk of dying without the dignity of a home in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 budget. Residents experiencing chronic homelessness are those who have been homeless for years and suffer from life-threatening health conditions and/or severe mental illness.

Chronic homelessness cuts lives short. People who don’t know where they’re going to spend the night struggle to receive needed services like medical treatment or counseling. And they are often forced to stay in places that are unsafe or make their illnesses worse. As a result, the life expectancy of people facing chronic homelessness is far shorter than for those who are stably housed.

The Way Home campaign is calling for the following new investments to be added to current funding:

  • $19.6 million for Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) for 820 individuals. PSH combines long-term affordable housing with supportive services designed to help residents maintain their housing and improve their health.
  • $4.3 million for Rapid ReHousing (RRH) for 400 individuals. RRH provides short term rental subsidy with services to help individuals leave shelter or the street for housing.
  • $6.9 million for Targeted Affordable Housing (TAH) for 400 individuals. TAH provides long-term affordable housing for individuals who no longer need the intensive services provided by PSH or who need help affording housing after their Rapid Re-Housing subsidy ends.
  • $9.7 million for PSH for 309 families. Family PSH serves the most vulnerable families and is designed to help families avoid future homelessness and improve family wellbeing.

With these investments, the District can meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable residents and continue on the path to end chronic homelessness. So please join The Way Home at the March to Make Chronic Homelessness History on March 8th to make your voice heard. RSVP here.