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Here’s some of what we’re tracking for the week of Nov. 2 through Nov. 6:
In the DC Council

Tuesday, Nov. 3 at the John A. Wilson Building
Legislative Meeting
Final Readings on Temporary Legislation
Bill 18-479: Neighborhood Supermarket Tax Relief Clarification Temporary Amendment Act of 2009This bill provides for real property tax abatements for supermarkets
Bill 18-468: First Congregational United Church of Christ Property Tax Abatement Temporary Act of 2009

First Readings (Non-Consent)
Bill 18-299: Waterfront Park at the Yards Act of 2009
This bill would establish a waterfront park maintenace fund into which certain designated revenues, including certain sales tax revenue, shall deposited and impose a special assessment on properties specially benefited by the park
Bill 18-303: Street NW Downtown Retail Priority Area Clarification Amendment Act of 2009
This bill would extend a special tax district west to 15th Street NW.
Bill 18-304: Affordable Housing For-Sale and Rental Distribution Amendment Act of 2009
This bill “provides flexibility in the distribution between affordable for-sale and rental housing units in certain development projects.”

Events of Interest:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Noon — 1:30 p.m. ET
To attend in Washington, D.C., RSVP at,
e-mail, or call (202) 261-5709.

Panelists will discuss
“¢ whether low-income families move because of financial and other problems or to find better homes or communities;
“¢ whether mobility supports or undermines neighborhood stability;
“¢ how federal neighborhood revitalization initiatives should respond to high rates of family mobility; and
“¢ what role cities and nonprofits should play in serving families that move and those that stay.

At the Urban Institute
2100 M Street N.W., 5th Floor, Washington, D.C.
Lunch will be provided at 11:45 a.m. The forum begins promptly at noon.