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DCFPI Welcomes New Staff

The DC Fiscal Policy Institute staff is expanding! This week, we’d like to introduce District Dime readers to our three newest staff members.  Soumya Bhat is DCFPI’s new Education Finance and Policy Analyst. A DC resident for the past six years, […]

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Making Sense of the District’s Tax Abatement Dollars

The process for awarding property tax abatements in the District has, for a long time, lacked a coherent and systematic approach. This has resulted in a process which appears to amount to “first-come, first-serve” approval that fails to […]

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The District Dime’s bye week

Hello District Dime readers and welcome back from Thanksgiving! The District Dime is taking a break from blogging this week. Did all the tryptophan in our turkey dinners get to us? Perhaps. But we are also attending the annual State Fiscal Analysis Initiative […]

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DC’s Supercommittee of One

As we learned over the weekend, the much-talked about congressional “Supercommittee” will likely end with less than super results, and its failure could trigger staggering cuts that will be felt right down to state and local budgets including […]

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