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Property Tax Relief Considerations

PDF of this Report In response to concerns over rising property tax bills, the DC Council gave initial approval this month to a bill that would limit a homeowner’s tax increase to 10 percent in any year.  (This bill would lower a cap, set at 25 percent, […]

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Testimony of Ed Lazere, Executive Director, DC Fiscal Policy Institute, At the Public Hearing on the Owner-Occupant Residential Tax Credit Act of 2003, Bill 15-303, and the Homestead Exemption Amendment Act of 2003, Bill 15-188

PDF of this Testimony Chairman Evans other members of the Committee, thank you for the opportunity to speak today.   My name is Ed Lazere, and I am the executive director of the DC Fiscal Policy Institute.  DCFPI engages in research and public education on […]

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Fixing DC’s Rainy Day Fund

PDF of this report (17pp.) In 2000, the District established two new fiscal reserves, an “emergency reserve” and a “contingency reserve,” as required by Congress in that year’s appropriations legislation.  These reserves are […]

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