Tell the DC Tax Revision Commission What You Think On Dec. 3rd!

November 28th, 2012 | by Elissa Silverman

District’s Dime readers, this is a special time of year for us at DCFPI. The week after Thanksgiving is when we host our colleagues from around the country at the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative conference here at the Washington Hilton. That’s right, there’s a DCFPI-like group in approximately 40 states including places like Arkansas, Oklahoma and Mississippi! We not only meet and greet, but we also attend interesting workshops and seminars on budgeting, tax policy, and how not to let Council member David Catania (I-At-Large) get the best of us.

Actually, the writer of this blog went to a communications session yesterday on how not to cross the line in blogging–and we apparently didn’t pay attention enough.

So in order to keep our attention on these great workshops, we’re going to be blogging a little less these next few days. However, we wanted to let you know of an important public meeting of the D.C. Tax Revision Commission on December 3rd at 4 pm in Room 412 of the John A. Wilson Building.

This will be your chance to provide comment and input on the commission’s research agenda,  which will guide its work and ultimate recommendations to the mayor and DC Council. The proposed research agenda is available on the Commission’s website ( You can also access all materials and resources the Commission has considered and studied—including presentations and reports provided at previous Commission meetings—on the website’s resource page (!documents/cp9p).

Those wishing to testify before the Commission on Dec. 3 should contact Ashley Lee by email at  Public testimony will be limited to three minutes.  The Commission also welcomes written testimony, which can be submitted via email to Ms. Lee or presented to Commissioner members in person on December 3. 

Sign up!


One Response to “Tell the DC Tax Revision Commission What You Think On Dec. 3rd!”

  1. Alan Weinstein says:

    The present DC Income Tax code allows the first $3000 of Fed, Mil or DC annuity income to be tax free.
    This came into many years ago (I know when, but probably 20+ years), presumably to allow tax relief to these specific DC residents.
    But $3000 then was worth quite a bit more than $3000 today.
    Either adjust this to reflect present day dollars…Or just cancel it altogether.
    $3000 is a joke. A cruel joke.
    Alan weinstein
    2737 Devonshire Place, NW #3