Sign-On to Oppose Regressive Tax Increases in the FY 2010 Budget

| April 15th, 2009 |

The DC Fiscal Policy Institute is spearheading an effort to oppose regressive tax and fee increases that are part of the proposed FY 2010 budget. We’ve drafted a sign-on letter that we hope you or your organization can support.

Mayor Fenty’s FY 2010 budget proposes to raise additional revenues to offset the city’s serious budget shortfall. The new revenues would help preserve funding for many important public services. This generally is good news

However, several of the proposed tax and fee increases would fall most heavily on low-income residents. The regressive proposals include eliminating annual cost-of-living adjustments for the standard deduction, personal exemption, and property tax homestead deduction, as well as the proposals to create a new “streetlight maintenance” fee and to raise the E911 fee that is part of phone bills.

The sign-on letter urges the Council and Mayor to reject these proposals and to develop alternate ways to raise revenues that are progressive and do not adversely affect low-income residents.

We are asking for individuals and/or organizations to sign on by Wednesday April 22. If you and/or your organization are interested in signing on, please email Ed Lazere at

Thank you!