New Revenue Resources from DCFPI

April 28th, 2010 | by Katie Kerstetter

Yesterday, we introduced you to the Invest in DC campaign and a package of revenue enhancements that DC can use to help balance its FY 2011 budget.  We hope that you’ve taken a few minutes to sign onto the campaign as an individual or organization to urge the DC Council to include revenue increases as part of a balanced approach to the recession. 

Recently, we’ve fielded lots of good questions about the District’s revenues, like: How much revenue has DC lost during the recession?  Which programs are proposed to be cut in the FY 2011 budget?  Which services should we include in a sales tax expansion? 

To continue the conversation, we’ve created a new page on our website filled with revenue resources, including:

Check it out, and keep the revenue questions coming!

One Response to “New Revenue Resources from DCFPI”

  1. Doug says:

    I agree with your suggestion to tax services as well as goods, and I believe that taxing most of the services in your list will make the D.C. sales tax more progressive. However, I object to sales taxes on admission to cultural and performing-arts events.

    The arts is not a luxury exclusively for the prosperous but something that enriches our lives and therefore should be affordable and accessible to everyone. A sales tax on tickets or admission would only make the arts less affordable.

    In order to sustain themselves, arts organizations must struggle to minimize ticket prices while raising enough money to bring quality programming and meet administrative expenses. A sales tax on tickets could undermine the sustainability of the arts in our community.

    The attendance of 20,000 people at the free opera simulcast at the ballpark last September demonstrates the potential of the performing arts to draw large and diverse audiences when the price is right.

    (My experience in the arts includes selling subscriptions for the Washington National Opera, volunteering as an usher and CD salesperson for a chamber orchestra, and attending a variety of performances.)