New Report Highlights Ways to Improve the Workforce System in the District—and Across the Region

by Ilana Boivie | March 17th, 2017 | PDF of this report

Helping DC residents look for a good job, through education and training, should be a top priority for our leaders. It’s important to reducing DC’s growing racial unemployment gap and to meeting Mayor Bowser’s goal of reducing unemployment in every ward. Our entire city will be strengthened when everyone has better skills and more money to spend on their families and in their communities.

As we work to help more residents succeed, it’s important to remember that DC operates in a regional economy. DC, Maryland and Virginia have reasons to work together and learn from each other. The Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA) has opened up opportunities for better integration of workforce development systems within state and local jurisdictions, and across jurisdictional lines.

This report looks at the WIOA State Plans of DC, Maryland, and Virginia to identify promising practices and areas for improvement in each, and points to the strategies and resources that each jurisdiction can borrow from the others. It was coauthored by the Commonwealth Institute, DC Appleseed, DCFPI, the Job Opportunities Task Force and the Maryland Center for Economic Policy. It was funded by the Greater Washington Workforce Development Collaborative.

The full report includes several elements:

In addition, there are supplemental fact sheets for each of the jurisdictions of DC, Maryland, and Virginia:

  • DC Fact Sheet
  • MD Fact Sheet
  • VA Fact Sheet