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DCFPI writes a monthly column –”The Numbers” — that runs in the Hill Rag, East of the River, and DC North. All are owned by Capital Community News.

November 2016
Will DC Learn Before It’s Too Late? Welfare Time Limits Hurt Children

October 2016
DC’s Racial Inequality

September 2016
Are High-Poverty DC Schools Shortchanged When It Comes to Extra Resources for ‘At-Risk’ Students?

August 2016
A $56 Million Opportunity

July 2016
Inclusionary Zoning has Untapped Potential to Expand Affordable Housing in DC

June 2016
Despite Progress on Homelessness, More Work Remains

May 2016
A Budget that Leaves DC’s Neediest Behind

April 2016
Who Pays the Price When Child Care Assistance is too Low?

March 2016
Protecting an Endangered Species in DC: Why We Should Keep Industrial Areas from Disappearing

February 2016
Income Matters: How DC Can Give Children a Better Chance of Escaping Poverty

January 2016
Paid Family Leave is Good for Everyone

December 2015
DC Can’t Afford to Lose the Low-Cost Housing It Has Left

November 2015
DC Got it Going On: We Don’t Need Big Tax Incentives to Attract Businesses

October 2015
Too Many Families in DC Live on $2 a Day. It’s Time to Do Something about It

September 2015
What We Know about Charter School Finances

August 2015
Picking Priorities: How DC Council’s Tax Plan Undermines the City’s Commitments to Schools and Affordable Housing

July 2015
Unpredictable and Unsustainable: How Scheduling Practices in DC’s Service Sector Are Wreaking Havoc on Workers

June 2015
Left Behind: DC’s Economy is Failing Many Residents

April 2015
Going, Going, Gone: How DC’s Vanishing Affordable Housing is Affecting Us All

March 2015
DC Has a Surplus and a Deficit?  What the Heck is Going On?

February 2015
Left Behind: DC’s Economy is Failing Many Residents

January 2015
In With the New: Recommendations to Mayor Bowser and the DC Council

December 2014
Is the District’s Homeless System Ready for Winter?

November 2014
Unlocking Opportunities: What the District Can Do to Better Support Low-Income Students

October 2014
Questions for the Candidates

September 2014
“Pitch”-ing the Perfect Deal:  A Fair and Responsible Way for DC to Support a New Soccer Stadium

August 2014
District Education Changes: What to Watch for the Coming School Year

July 2014
Coming Soon to You: A Tax Cut!

June 2014
Unlocking Opportunities: Services that Help Poor Children Succeed in the Classroom

May 2014
Making Sure New School Funding Goes to All Students Who Need It

April 2014
Making Sure There’s A Place to Call Home

March 2014
A Budget Wishlist: DC Financial Policy Institute’s Suggestions on Closing the Income Gap

February 2014
A Review of the DC Tax System

January 2014
Making Work Pay Even More for DC Residents 

December 2013
Raising the Minimum Wage

November 2013
Obamacare in DC: Working Well To Keep Us Well

October 2013
Boosting DC’s Minimum Wage Has Broad Support

September 2013
How to Make Sure a DC United Stadium Is a Win for the District 

August 2013
A Proposal To Change How We Fund Public Education

July 2013
Living Wages for Large Retail Workers

June 2013
Let’s Get Started Now on Ending Homelessness in DC

May 2013
Will DC Cut Assistance to Families in Crisis?

April 2013
DC’s Prosperity Dividend

March 2013
The Good News and Bad News about DC’s Revenues

February 2013
DC Is Swimming in Cash–When Will it Spend Some of It to Make DC Stronger?

January 2013
TRUE or FALSE? Closing DCPS Schools Will Make the System Stronger?

December 2012
What the Fiscal Cliff—Or Slope—Means for Local DC

November 2012
A Deep Dive into DC Revenue Analysis: Crystal Balls, Fiscal Cliffs and Other Metaphors

October 2012
Making Obamacare Happen in DC: Key Steps Ahead

September 2012
Mayor Gray and DC Council: Welfare-to-Work Efforts Need Your Full Support to Succeed

August 2012
Warren Buffett Is Right!

July 2012
What to Watch: The Latest in DC Education News

June 2012
LivingSocial’s Latest Deal: A Big Tax Break from DC

May 2012
Going, Going, Gone: DC’s Affordable Housing Stock Is Disappearing

April 2012
Its Budget Season!  Once again the Budget is being Balanced by Cuts in Housing and Human Services

March 2012
Doing the Math of DC Schools Funding

February 2012
Putting DC To Work: A Resource Map of the District’s Workforce Development Services

January 2012
Critical Needs: Constituents Are Best Served By Ensuring That Critical Needs Are Met In the Budget

December 2011
Making Sense of the Dollars Spent on Business Property Tax Breaks

November 2011
The Congressional Supercommittee and Its Power to Impact Local DC

October 2011
The Good News-Bad News on DC’s Economy

September 2011
Tune-Up Time for DC’s Taxes: Key Things for the District’s New Tax Revision Commission to Consider

August 2011
Retail Politics: Will DC Residents “live better”–or worse–with jobs from Wal-Mart?

July 2011
What Do District Residents Think about How DC Should Tax and Spend?

June 2011
Is DC’s Economy Rebounding? It Depends on Whom You Ask

May 2011
A “One City” Budget?  Not a Chance.

April 2011
Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

March 2011
Economic Development by the Numbers

February 2011
What Would Rahm Do?

January 2011
Happy New Year, Multi-State Corporations

November 2010
The Recesssion Strikes Again: Poverty’s Rising, But Revenues Are Falling

October 2010
Job One for Mayor Gray – Getting DC Residents Back to Work

September 2010
The Key Fiscal Challenge?  Recovering from the Recession

August 2010

Three Big Questions for the Election Season

July 2010
The Wrong Prescription: DC’s Financial Woes are Being Misdiagnosed
The Recession Hits Home: Hardship is on the Rise in DC

June 2010
The Recession Hits Home: Hardship is on the Rise in DC

May 2010
Here Come the Cuts Again: The 2011 DC Budget

April 2010
Defeat Poverty DC: Putting Economic Opportunity on the 2010 Political Agenda

March 2010
The DC Budget Crisis: What Would Ben’s Do?

February 2010
Disappearing Act: Shrinking Affordable Housing Options in DC

December 2009
When “Work First” Doesn’t Work: Helping Low-Income Parents Find Jobs Will Take More Than Polishing Their Resumes

November 2009
Helping Families Save for the Future: An Asset Development Strategy for DC

October 2009
Breaking Away: How TIFS, Abatements and other Economic Development Tax Subsidies Shortchange the District

September 2009
The DC Budget Balancing Act: Cutting Away A Just Progressive Approach to Government

August 2009
The Federal Stimulus: A Critical Boost to Keep the District Moving Forward

July 2009
District’s Summer Jobs Program: A Wellspring of Experience or Money Down the Drain?

June 2009
Making Lemonade out of Lemons: Escaping Unscathed (Mostly) from the FY 2010 Budget

May 2009
To Tax or Not to Tax: That is the Question for DC’s Elected Officials this Budget Season

April 2009
A Budget for Difficult Times: Mayor Fenty’s Plans to Balance the Budget in FY 2010

March 2009
A Needed Boost: How DC Can Make the Most Out of the Federal Stimulus Package

February 2009
Charting a Sensible Path Through DC’s Budget Shortfall: The Coalition for Community Investment

January 2009
The Fuzzy Math of DC’s Business Tax Subsidies

December 2008
Hanging the Poor Out to Dry: Budget Cuts Break Commitments to Help Families in Need

November 2008
Making the Most of $2.5 Billion: How to Get a School Modernization Plan that Works for Students and Communities

October 2008
Work Isn’t Working for Many DC Residents

September 2008
Show Us the Money – Please!

August 2008
Let’s Make a (Better) Deal with Developers

July 2008
After the Checkpoint, What’s Next?

June 2008
With Government, Like Everything Else, You Get What You Pay For

May 2008
Everything You Wanted to Know About the DC Budget but Were Afraid to Ask

April 2008
Is DC Ready for Another Stadium Financing Fight?

March 2008
Property Tax Relief: Give It Where It’s Needed the Most

February 2008
It’s Time to Tackle Poverty in DC

January 2008
The High Price of Hidden Tax Cuts

December 2007
To Mayor Fenty and the DC Council:….Best Wishes (and Advice) for a Happy, Fiscally Healthy 2008

November 2007
Corporate Welfare…The Gift that DC Politicians Keep on Giving

October 2007
Is Fenty Spending Like a Drunken Sailor?

September 2007
Good Riddance to Payday Lending in DC

August 2007
Need $5 million (Or Maybe More)? Just Ask Your Councilmember

July 2007
The Baseball Stadium that Ate the Homeless Shelter…And Other Scary Stories

June 2007
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: What’s the Fairest Tax Cut of Them All?

May 2007
What’s in Mayor Fenty’s First Budget? Wouldn’t You Like to Know?

April 2007
Is DC’s Alphabet Soup of Development Agencies Too Thick?

March 2007
Time To Re-Think How DC Does Business With Big Business

February 2007
My Life Depends On Low-Wage Workers (And So Does Yours)

January 2007
New Year’s Tips to DC’s New Mayor For a Fiscally Responsible District of Columbia

December 2006
Getting More DC Residents Into the Workforce Here’s How to Do It

November 2006
Beware DC’s Hidden Debt Funding Developments with TIF

October 2006
Think DC’s Taxes Are The Highest In The Region? Think Again

September 2006
Hiring More Police Officers Not The Best Solution To DC’s Crime Problems

August 2006
$700 Million And Counting…. Just how much will the stadium really cost?

July 2006
Will DC’s Homeless Be the Next Victim of Gentrification?

June 2006
What’s Behind Fenty’s “No New Taxes” Pledge?

May 2006
Why is DC Paying to Fix the Corcoran’s Roof?

April 2006
Is DC Being Put Up For Sale?

March 2006
It’s Poverty, Stupid

February 2006
School Financing…Where Is The Money?

January 2006
Will Mayor Williams Leave Us A Mountain Of Bad Debt?

December 2005
Home Heating Costs: Doing Something Before the Crisis

November 2005
Do We Need Another Hospital?