Introducing DCFPI’s Budget Chartbook and Toolkit!

April 17th, 2015 | by DCFPI Staff

We’ve spent the past few weeks at DCFPI working to understand and uncover the story of Mayor’s Bowser first budget, by poring through budget books and spreadsheets. And we’re really excited today to share with you what we found!

The DCFPI Budget Toolkit is ready for you, including a new Budget Chartbook that boils down the key elements of the new budget into 16 slides. The Toolkit highlights changes in funding for many things you care about – from education to health care to housing – and highlights how you can get involved now to support the budget or work to make it better.

ChartbookHere’s what you’ll find in the Toolkit:

  • Analysis: We’ve done an overview of the Mayor’s proposed budget, plus detailed looks at housing, homeless services, TANF, health, education, workforce development, and taxes. 
  • Chartbook:  Our new chartbook highlights key budget trends through 16 easy-to-understand charts.
  • Tips on Understanding the Budget: The Toolkit includes a timeline on the budget process and primers to understand how the city sets its budget, how it raises revenues, and how schools are financed. 
  • Information on Important Events and Documents:  If you want to find out when a DC government agency will hold a public briefing on its budget, the DC Council hearing schedule, or the budget itself, it is all there in the Toolkit.

We hope you find the DCFPI Budget Toolkit useful and look forward to seeing you at a budget hearing soon!

To print a copy of today’s blog post, click here.

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