DC Leaders: Don’t Govern with Your Hands Tied!

| January 30th, 2017 |

It’s time to pause restrictive fiscal policies limiting DC’s response to important needs. Our sign on letter of over 60 organizations urges elected officials to untie DC’s hands and create the fiscal flexibility the District needs to meet unprecedented, urgent needs.

See the sign on letter here: Untie DC’s Hands Sign-on Winter/ Spring 2017

Want to join the list? Send a signed copy of the letter with your organization’s name, contact and email to Simone Holzer, DC Fiscal Policy Institute, at sholzer@dcfpi.org.

Join the conversation on social media by tweeting with the hashtags #UntieDC and #DCFY18!

For more on how we can untie DC’s hands, watch this video from Progress Amidst Uncertainty: How to Make the Most of DC’s 2018 Budget