FY 2008 Budget Toolkit Archive

Toolkit Documents:

The FY2008 toolkit has two main components:

1) The Toolkit contains a summary for the entire budget proposal as well as summaries of some key issues affecting low- and moderate-income families, such as:

  Child Care
  Energy Assistance
  Health Care
  Interim Disability Assistance (IDA)
  Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

2) Downloadable Excel spreadsheets that show the change in spending by appropriation title and by agency.

DCFPI Budget Testimony:

  Click here to browse DCFPI’s Budget Testimony

Understand the budget and get involved:

  Guide to the FY 2008 DC Budget
  Where Do the Dollars Go? DC’s Largest Agencies

FY 2008 Budget Support Act (PDF)