DC Affordable Housing Alliance

| September 25th, 2009 |

DC Affordable Housing Alliance

The  DC Affordable  Housing  Alliance  is  a  broad  community  coalition  of  more  than  30 organizations  and  senior  citizens, developers,  housing  advocates,  tenants,  citizens with disabilities,  and  homeless  families,  working  together  for  affordable  housing  in  DC, especially for low-income residents.

The Alliance works on relevant policy, legislative and budget issues, and serves as an exchange for education and advocacy.

The Alliance meets on the second Wednesday afternoon of each month, at revolving locations throughout the District.

Affordable Housing Programs in the District

The District of Columbia manages its affordable housing goals through its Comprehensive Plan, including a full set of recommendations on housing budgets, production and preservation tools. The District has established a Housing Production Trust Fund to provide rental assistance, low-interest financing of affordable housing projects, and an on-site inclusionary zoning requirement for by-right and special exception residential development proposals.

View more information on the District’s full housing programs.