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The Recommendations of the D.C. Tax Revision Commission, as Implemented in the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget, Are Having a Favorable Impact on the District
January 14th, 2015

SNAP Cuts Reduce Healthy Meals for Half Of DC’s Kids
August 5th, 2013

DC Residents Support Taxes to Preserve Services: Poll on Mayor’s Budget Shows Support for Revenue Increases And Opposition to Service Cuts
May 8th, 2011

Sports Economists Say Large Public Subsidies for a DC Soccer Stadium “Cannot be Justified” on Economic Development Grounds
June 10th, 2008

Press Release: DC Homeowner Property Taxes Lowest in Region, New Analysis Finds
February 28th, 2008

Press Release: Bill Being Considered By the DC Council Hides Costs of Business Tax Cuts: Bill Was Structured To Make Potentially Huge Tax Cuts Appear To Have “No Fiscal Impact”
January 3rd, 2008

Press Release: DC’s “Two Economies” Headed In Different Directions, Report Finds
October 24th, 2007

Press Release: Poverty In DC Remains At Very High Level Despite Economic Growth
August 31st, 2007

Press Release: Poverty Major Cause of Social Problems In District of Columbia
November 2nd, 2006

Press Release: DC Taxes on Families Now the Lowest in the Washington Area, Study Shows
September 20th, 2006

Press Release: Proposal To Reduce Ballpark Fee Would Shift Nearly $60 Million In Stadium Costs From Businesses To The General Public , Analysis Finds
November 16th, 2005

Press Release: Mayor Williams Promotes Tax Relief for Working Residents
February 2nd, 2005

Press Release: DC’s Shortage of Affordable Housing Worsening
January 13th, 2005

Press Release: Income Gap Is Wider In DC Than In Any Other Major U.S. City, New Study Finds
July 22nd, 2004

Press Release: DC Spending Up Only 3 Percent Since 1990: But Funding for Services to Low-income Residents Has Fallen Sharply
March 16th, 2004

Press Release: DC’s Stadium Financing Proposal Would Cost the City $900,000 for Every Job Filled by a DC Resident
June 9th, 2003