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A Citizen’s Guide to the DC Budget

Drivers’ licenses. Cash assistance for families in need. Trash collection. Financing for affordable housing. Teachers, police officers and firefighters. Library books. All are made possible in the District of Columbia through one thing:  The city’s annual budget. Certainly a budget that provides this wide a range of goods and services is a bit complicated. DC’s […]

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The DC government collects revenue in a variety of ways from its residents, businesses, and the federal government.  These revenues are used to fund the wide array of services provided by the District, from schools to health care to libraries to road construction.  The DC government collected about $8.8 billion in revenue in fiscal year […]

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The District’s budget provides funding for a variety of critical public programs and services including education, transportation, health care, and job training, just to name a few.  These programs and services are financed largely through tax and fee collections.  The District’s budget is based on a fiscal year which runs from October through September.

Overview and Timeline of the DC Budget Process

FY 2014 Budget Toolkit


FY 2014 Budget Toolkit Update (District’s Dime)

FY 2014 Budget Wrap-Up (District’s Dime)

DC’s FY 2014 Budget Includes Increases to Help Low- and Moderate-Income Residents Still Struggling in the Wake of the Recession (District’s Dime)