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Rising Baseball Stadium Costs Create Problems for the District
December 16th, 2005

How Much Will the New Baseball Stadium Cost? A Review of Recent Cost Estimates
December 5th, 2005

DC Families Need Help to Pay Rising Heating Bills this Winter
December 2nd, 2005

A New Federal Contribution To The District of Columbia? The Need, Likely Impact, and Some Options
November 16th, 2005

Proposal to Reduce Ballpark Fee Would Shift Up to $60 million in Stadium Costs from Businesses to the General Public
November 16th, 2005

Press Release: Proposal To Reduce Ballpark Fee Would Shift Nearly $60 Million In Stadium Costs From Businesses To The General Public , Analysis Finds
November 16th, 2005

What Would Suspending the Last Step of the Taxparity Act Mean for DC Households
November 3rd, 2005

Losing Ground: The District’s Lowest-Income Neighborhoods Suffered Large Population and Income Losses in the 1990s
October 31st, 2005

New Census Data Show DC’s Affordable Housing Crisis Is Worsening
September 13th, 2005

Property Tax Relief Issues
June 1st, 2005

Highlights of the Mayor’s Proposed FY 2006 Budget
April 21st, 2005

Trends In Funding For Human Services In The District of Columbia
April 18th, 2005

Trends in Funding for Affordable Housing in the District of Columbia
March 7th, 2005

Bush Budget Would Mean $332 Million In Discretionary Spending Cuts For DC Through 2010
March 3rd, 2005

Press Release: Mayor Williams Promotes Tax Relief for Working Residents
February 2nd, 2005

Press Release: DC’s Shortage of Affordable Housing Worsening
January 13th, 2005

Squeezed Out: The Worsening Shortage of Affordable Housing for Low-Income DC Households
January 13th, 2005