15 Years

15 years ago, the DC Fiscal Policy Institute was created to help improve the lives of the District’s most vulnerable residents.

This work has been critical in spurring the District to improve the supply of affordable housing, the quality of Pre-K through 12 education and the availability of health care for many whose only alternative had been the emergency room.

As we mark this anniversary, we renew our commitment to the mission. Like you, we want DC to be the city we know it can:  a diverse community dedicated to helping secure a bright future for everyone, especially people and families that struggle to make ends meet. With your help, we can make this ambitious vision a reality. We will not rest until everyone has an affordable and decent home, regularly gets quality health care, can go to good school, and find a job that pays enough to do more than just get by.
As DCFPI continues to grow, lead, and innovate, your support is playing a more important role than ever. Your support helps us build on our successes, tackle new challenges, and keep the needs, strengths, and resiliency of our city uppermost in decision makers’ minds.

As we look ahead to an exciting new year, I’d like to share with you some of what you helped us accomplish in 15 years.




Watch Here 100,000 Residents Later: Our Discussion with Former Mayor Tony Williams and Alice Rivlin

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